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Project Description:
A tool to generate Sql database script from LightSwitch application internal database.


ExportDatabaseScript tool is used to generate Sql server DB script from the LightSwitch internal database.

Take a situation, We are developing the LightSwitch business application and we are using the internal database ApplicationData for storing Data. As our application distribution/maintainability we are planning to move the LightSwitch internal database to Sql Server for the further development.

First way to move the internal database to Sql server is like using the Publish wizard in Visual Studio LightSwitch. when we publish the application, there will be a step which leads you to specify the path to generate a DB script to deploy the LightSwitch internal Db as Sql Server DB.

The second way is to create a tool ExportDatabaseScript to generate script from LightSwitch internal database. So i tried the second way and giving you now....

How to use:

Download the executable and run it.

Click Browse button placed at the top and navigate to the folder where you LightSwitch application is. The tool will get the details about the Databases used in the LightSwitch application and will display it in a Popup window.

Select the database that you wanted to generate as script. There is a option to drop all the objects if those objects are already exists.

Thats it. The application will displays the script in the script box.

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